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South Africa

In 2007 we commenced our South Africa Programme, bringing volunteers every year to support orphanages across the country.


We provide funding for local builders to carry out essential building work in the orphanages i.e. connecting electricity supply, roofing, laying the foundations of buildings.

Our volunteers carry out tasks such as painting and decorating, hanging doors and general building maintenance. Our volunteers help with, agricultural task, food preparation, and visits to the schools and neighbouring orphanages to distribute the food.

Volunteers who feel able to can provide a counselling service whereby they listen to the children and offer them one to one counselling. This is invaluable to those children who have a number of physical, mental and, primarily, health issues.

words from our volunteers

I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity. You do wonderful, admirable work with the Foundation and I know you are proud of your employees for their contribution. If I can be of any similar assistance in the future please let me know.
I loved all of it; working with the team, building the roof and feeling useful. I loved getting the time we had to interact with the kids at the project and I enjoyed visiting the school. There wasn’t anything I would change, except that I wish I had been able to stay for longer
I call anyone a fool not to try it. It has been the most heart-warming life changing emotional experience I have ever been through. I feel I have grown as a person and feel I have opened my eyes to a much bigger world. I find myself to be more understanding
I only knew that it would have a life changing effect on me and I am fully satisfied that this is now the case
Our Impact

We have funded University places for orphans from Zenzeleni, giving them an opportunity they could normally only dream of, to learn and hopefully gain employment and be able to support themselves and their communities in the future.

With our supporting and funding, Muza a little boy at the orphanage was able to start school and is so happy to be there, and very proud of his smart uniform! Without our help he would not be able to go.

Through the volunteering programme we have provided a safe and healthy living environment for the children, who can enjoy a nutritionally balanced meal each day.

how you can help

Just £5 can help 20 of the most desperate in society

Organisations we support in South Africa

Ennerdale Primary School's mission is to develop a balanced learner who can read, write, reason with understanding. Every effort will be made to encourage learners to actively participate in extra curricular activities to reach their full potential.

Meals on Wheels For The Aged is a multi-faceted welfare service aimed at helping the elderly of our country to live out their sunset years in dignity and relative comfort. The service includes Old-Age Homes, Frail-Care Centers, Service Centers For Senior Citizens, and the well known Meals on Wheels For The Aged meal delivery service.

​All of these services function under the umbrella of Meals on Wheels Community Services, a non-profit organization that operates under the government registration number ADRA SA (SAU) 002-706 NPO.

The Khaya Centre is part of the Orange Babies Charity. Orange Babies South Africa is a branch of the Dutch Orange Babies NGO whose aim is to save babies lives; to help pregnant women with HIV and their babies in Africa. Orange Babies also supports children who are infected with or directly affected by HIV.

We provide help by offering information programs and medical care and by building orphanages, maternity clinics and shelters for these women and children. We welcome your support, whether you want to volunteer or make a donation. We appreciate any form of contribution.

The Winnie Mabaso Foundation was established to support vulnerable and orphaned children in South Africa, particularly those living with HIV.

Over the years our work has extended to encompass all ages of those who are underprivileged and in desperate need from babies to grannies.

As a Foundation we are enormously proud to see how Mabaso love has changed, and continues to change the lives of countless people in South Africa.  We’d love for you to join our Mabaso family and help us to make a difference.

The Winnie Mabaso Foundation is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation in the UK (1160321) and is also registered in South Africa as an NPO (140-472).

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