"Be about doing something, not about being somebody"



Your legacy is every life you touch

The Footprints Foundation was set up for the general improvement of peoples’ lives throughout the UK and the World.



The Footprints Foundation aims to tackle the problems and issues facing disadvantaged and vulnerable young and elderly people, and those people with significant health issues. We aim to support these people during the most trying periods of their lives and help give them the strength and confidence to enjoy a fulfilled life. Our aim is to support through volunteering and hands on help rather than solely providing financial support.



To nurture the skills and qualities of young people through learning opportunities and so help them to develop their self esteem and promote in them a positive attitude to help them achieve their ambitions and goals.
To improve the quality of life for elderly people who may feel excluded from the wider community and help give them a sense of purpose and fulfilment.
To help those people suffering with major or life limiting illness by supporting them and their families through difficult times.


Privacy Policy

We value your privacy and want to be clear about the data we collect and process. We have updated our Privacy Notice to reflect the high standards established with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

We respect your personal data. We have never and will never sell it to third parties. If you have any questions about your privacy, please contact us.

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