The Footprints Foundation has four trustees and is chaired by Bob Holt OBE


Bob has been active in local communities since a very early age. Brought up in the North of England, living on large estates, his parents owned and ran grocery stores. A daily after school regime of order delivery, garden tending, fire lighting, errands and bringing in the coal for home and neighbours prepared him for a life of a giver.

The needs of others were highlighted to Bob many years ago when organising a Christmas food collection project in a large industrial organisation where he was employed. Bob was inspired and moved by the care and commitment shown by the employees. Since then Bob’s everyday working life and charity work have been inextricably linked and he continues to commit a significant amount of his time to charity projects.

Bob has undertaken and supported many charitable activities, large and small, over the years, including several walks of the Thames Path and Hadrian’s Wall, planting 10,000 trees through Global Trees in Scotland and Ecuador, supporting the 50th Anniversary of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and a wide range of others too numerous to list.

Bob is passionate about and deeply committed to helping those people in the most need both in the UK and abroad. In setting up The Footprints Foundation he has been able to progress and expand his charitable activities to benefit as many people as possible.



Angela has been involved in a variety of charitable and community work activities. One activity included setting up a  Scheme within Mears Group which  involved in excess of 1000 employees across the UK donating items such as cans of food, bedding, books etc on a monthly basis which were then donated to local homeless missions and people in need. Angela has raised funds for charity through various walks which included walking the Thames Path and Hadrian’s wall and running the London Marathon in April 2006.

Angela has also been involved with projects abroad, she was a Project Assistant and a member of a team of 12 who in less than a week undertook the building of a Cafeteria and Recreational play area at a school in the Punjab, India. The completed project provided the children and other members of the deprived community the facility to cook and eat meals within a safe and hygienic environment.

From  2012 Angela has been assisting with projects in South Africa, working with teams of up to 12 people from a range of businesses, to provide enhanced facilities for orphanages in Johannesburg.

Through the Footprints Foundation Angela continues to strive to develop her work in supporting vulnerable people around the world.



Diana has been and continues to be an active fund raiser and has taken part in many charity projects in the UK.

She has also been a volunteer on two international projects in South Africa.

Diana is guided by the belief that every life has equal value, and that true happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done and helping others.