South Africa – Week 4, Last Day and goodbye at the Khaya Centre

The final day of the final week. Time has gone by very quickly and a lot has been done. Building and decorating works completed.

Children’s and old people’s homes made more comfortable and pleasant places to live.

Time was spent with the community leaders at the Khaya centre where, due to a lack of funds they had a serious staff shortage.

Our presence helped them with the caring, feeding and education of around 300 children daily; with 1000 people overall from the community attending for medical care, advice and other community activity. With the expertise of one of the team members one child who was severely affected by meningitis and wheelchair bound, was shown how to throw a netball into a net so helping integrate him with the other children during play which did not happen before.

Apart from us imparting our knowledge, we learnt a lot also!

All donations were distributed to babies, mothers, children of all ages and sexes and to the elderly. They were to say the least very much needed and appreciated.

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